Tim Munro’s one two three comes out this Saturday on Parlour Tapes+! If you’re in Chicago, come out to the release show this weekend and snag the cassette.

It’s D E L E C T A B L E

Tim Munro: one two three

Out on Parlour Tapes+ October 11th

The post-Women projects continue!

more plz.

In case you’re looking for a last-minute gift, might I (shamelessly) recommend the Parlour Tapes+ 2013 Holiday Box Set? Included in the festive gift wrap you see above:

1. The Spektral Quartet’s debut album CHAMBERS, featuring six works by Chicago composers.  Cassette and digital download.

2. The *AND mix tape, compiling ten collaborations between Chicago artists and their out-of-town partners.  Cassette and digital download.

3. Two remiXmas bonus tracks with sleigh-belled versions of music featured on Parlour’s first two releases.  Digital download.

This is the reaction we’ve typically been seeing for the box set:

Not pictured: me.

I hate my friends.

gh00l said: are you coming to chicago soon? you can crash at my apartment and get rad


perhaps, we’re setting up a tour currently and it shoooooooooouuuuuuuuuld take us through chicago at some point.

Fingers croxxxxxxxed

(was seriously just about to ask this same question)

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What’s up, Fresh, it’s our return, baby—

Come through this Saturday for the release party of the ever.

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+ Emanuel Vinson - Station to Station

Rap artist and video geek Emanuel Vinson performs one of his pieces.

(Source: beatcast.tv)

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